Welcome to the Mental Fitness Gym.

Your mental health is just like physical health. It can be in a better or worse shape. But regardless of where you’re at, you can improve it. With Acertivo you can build resilience and mental fitness just as you would build muscles in a gym. 

Our building blocks

Our program is designed using the most efficient evidence based practices to create a scientifically proven active learning tool specifically designed for workplace problems. The 12-week long program includes explanations and exercises from cognitive behavioural therapy, acceptance & commitment practice and includes regular follow up sessions and guidance from our specialits.

There can be no guessing the personal development so the content is developed with evidence approach theories and exercices, gathering best practices from psychotherapy & coaching.

Personal development happens anywhere so we offer a efficient way to manage work related emotional disorders aimed at all hierarchical levels, fully mobile and accessible. TBD

There is no one size fits all type of emotional care so we are here to make the experience as customizable as possible. Our specialists are ready to giude your team every step of the way. 


- An individual experience for every user -

Evidence-based protocols

Transformational tracks designed exclusively on scientifically validated protocols, with success rates of up to 90%.*

Seamless user onboarding

Within 3 seconds upon registration, participants can dive right in familiar topics like burn out or stress resilience.

Emotional skills framework

Built on a framework that allows a user to choose from the library the working pack he needs to build his emotional skills framework.

Guidance by accredited practitioners

Upon launching a track, each user is paired with a certified psychotherapist that will guide him along the way.

Fiercely individual

Each journey is unique, with guiding coaches customising the topics, content and exercise for each user, on a rolling basis.


A digital personal development space, accessible whenever is right for the users, on mobile or desktop.

Are you ready to join the workplace revolution?