The #1 mindware tool for technical teams.

Reduce distress. Ship best.

The best developers develop themselves

Building good software is not only about exceptional engineering. It’s not only about finding joy in the output, but also about eliminating stress and frustration from the process.


Discover your own thought patterns and learn the mechanism trough which thoughts generate emotions and actions.


Develop skills that allow you to keep in check negative emotions and cope easier with difficult situations.


Start applying knowledge since day one and see real improvement to the way you approach both work and life after work.


Work at your best, with minimal interference from preventable conflicts arising from differences in communication styles or diverging values.

Built for software people who take their mental standing seriously.

When you feel your best, you work at your best.

Science driven

Workflows validated by decades of psychological research.

Live or asynchronous

Self-paced workflows, asynchronous co-piloting or live meetups. 

Engineering mindset

Created by software people for software product teams.

Agile backbone

Designed around the way software people build it.

Guiding screeners

No guess-work. Wellbeing assessment in real-time.

More than work.

Mindware engineering is great for work. And even better for the rest of your life

It works the way people work.

No two people are alike. Each of us has it’s own unique context, style and expectations. And each of us should deal with the mind in an individual way.


Lite or intensive, find your own rythm.


Work on what matters most to you.


Specialists to guide you along the way.

Decoding your mind and shaping your thoughts is a

As any other hardskill, it can be learned. Guided Tracks are the bedrock of Acertivo and are powered by Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy, with positive outcomes validated by extensive research.  

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Designed for confidentiality


Full GDPR compliance to ensure all data is handled with care.


Safeguards your data with controls like permissions.


All interactions with a specialist are protected by the patient-doctor agreement.

Don’t get stuck in the common traps

Many times, dealing with time pressure, faulty communication or the things we tell to ourselves can be even more challenging than the work itself.

Imposter Syndrome

Feeling like you're a fraud and fearing you'll get exposed.

Performance Anxiety

Fearing of failing a task before it even started, regardless of abilities.

Meaningful relations

Overlooking the importance of a social platform for personal support.

Irrational Beliefs

Expecting from yourself and others to act the way you'd like to.


Feeling "less than" others and like you are never good enough.


Finding balance and the drive to pursue work and life satisfaction.


Not knowing to set limits and where to find replenishment.


Standing up for your point of view, while respecting the beliefs of others.

Difficult talks

Avoiding tough conversations or feeling intense emotions during them.

Social Anxiety

An intense, persistent fear of being watched and judged by others.


Tendancy for negative self-evaluation, driving feelings of failure and guilt.

And more...

There are many curveballs. Emotional agility helps keeping things in check.

Trusted by technical teams. Agile, lean or anywhere in between.

Regardless if you are an established tech company, an in-house team or a fresh startup, mindware engineering can help if you want to build good software, enjoy life at work, be productive and live happy while doing it. 

Simple pricing plans with no strings attached

You can start easy or dive right in. Whatever works for you. We charge only for the members in your team that activated their accounts and we don’t have any lock-ups. Our small print is our large print.


0 per user/month
unlimited users
  • Lite solution for users getting familiar with the topic.

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unlimited users
  • Customised tools for users determined to see results.

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  • All access and individual support for committed users.

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Mindware engineering is about balance.

The brain is the original PC. And the mind is our operating system. At Acertivo, we have some strong opinions regarding how we could hack it, in order to enable everyone to live more fulfilling and productive lives.