Mental Health, designed
for agile teams

Build resilience in the workplace and beyond from the ground up.

The speed in tech comes at a cost.

In tech, overload, time pressure or inter-personal conflicts are all too common. And while they may not take a toll on the product’s delivery most of the times, they take a toll on the people delivering it.


One in three developers identify as having a concentration, anxiety, mood or emotional disorder.

Stack Overflow 2022 Developer Survey


Most technologists report feeling under immense pressure at work, a sharp increase since 2020.

AppDynamics | Agents of Transformation 2021

5:1 ROI

Measures to improve the mental health of employees yield a return on average of $5 for every $1 spent.

Deloitte | Mental Health Report 2022

A plug&play solution for your team support program.

Mental health can be difficult to grasp, but it’s nothing more than an input/output process. Get your team onboard the first platform custom built for people in tech. 


Private workspaces, where people can discover, build and practice emotional skills at their own pace.


1on1 support by licensed therapists through asynchronous communication or live sessions.


Skills-based framework and mental health screeners that bring an actionable quantitative perspective.


Anonymised data that sheds light on how people are experiencing stress and when your team is at risk.

Build resilient teams you can count on.

People work their best when they feel at their best. Emotional health problems can take forms as light as procrastination and frustration or as serious as burnout and depression. 


Know when your team is at risk due to mental health.

With recurring mental health screeners, it’s easy to spot when emotional state is deteriorating and spreading within the team. 

Action Plans

Provide specialised support when it is required.

Fast matching to licensed emotional health specialists helps address mental health issues before they become too big of a burden.

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Enable your team to have a good workday, everyday.

Through integrations with Slack, Asana and Microsoft Teams, it easy to support mental health exactly where work happens.

Readymade workspaces


Not knowing to set healthy limits and where to find replenishment.


Values & Goals

Keeping the big picture in sight and finding interior drivers.



Standing up for your point of view, while respecting the beliefs of others.


Performance Anxiety

How does this type of exhaustion sets in and what to do about it.


How does this type of exhaustion sets in and what to do about it.

Impostor Syndrome

Feeling like you're a fraud and fearing you'll get exposed.

Difficult Conversations

How does this type of exhaustion sets in and what to do about it.

A safe place for peace of mind.

We acknowledge that people’s struggles and aspirations are deeply private and we strive to provide a space where people feel confident to work towards goals and safeguard mental health.

Privacy by design

From containerised environments to data anonymization, Acertivo has privacy embedded in its architecture.

Minimal Cookie Policy

Cookies only for functional reasons. No reamarketing or other annoying stuff.

GDPR, CCPA, ePrivacy

Full compliance with data protection & privacy policies in place within EU and US.

Client confidentiality

Interactions by VoIP sessions or asynchronous communications are protected by the Psychotherapist – Patient Privilege.

Get started today.

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