Are all negative emotions actually negative?

5 min read The topic of negative emotions has mostly been a tough one through the years. Sometimes believed to make us weaker people, negative feelings have almost always been the subject of controlling techniques, distraction, and blaming.  But I think that the most damaging of all is the idea that negative emotions and the inability to control […]

Control vs. regulate your emotions: what is the difference and why it matters

4 min read Most people have grown up with the idea that negative or powerful emotions need to be controlled in order to have a happy, fulfilled life and to achieve your goals. You’re feeling disappointed by some colleagues or friends? Well, you should remind yourself to lower your expectations or give them up altogether and move on. […]

Mental health or positivity? Do you have to choose?

4 min read The last decade has been characterized by what forums all around the world call the “Fourth Industrial Revolution.” Changing the way we look at work, we work, we see our relationships at work and outside of it are all realities that we needed to adapt to on the go. Maybe that’s why the notion of […]

Is there going to be a PTSD crisis after the Corona crisis and what to do about it?

5 min read It’s been two weeks since I am staying at home, working from home and essentially doing everything from home. I was lucky enough to have maintained my therapy session schedule unmodified. If last week only the first 5-10 minutes of the session were spent talking about the new developments, this past week more than half […]

What’s up with this depression wave in the workplace?

3 min read Today’s work demands are becoming bigger by the quarter and they are starting to put a toll on people’s professional and personal lives. I work weekly with clients who are having trouble sleeping, who experience anxiety symptoms & panic attacks. Worst of all, they have become isolated, hanging out less and less with their friends, […]