How to make 1-0-1s work

3 min read One of the biggest challenges for tech people is when they become team leads. Most team leads are technical people, used to working on data and less on other people. So when they suddenly find themselves in that position, new skills must be formed.  I recently had a chat with a team lead who told […]

Can you escape emotions @ work?

3 min read   Workplaces are emotional places. We are expected to be professional and leave our emotions at the door, but the vast majority of emotional distress reported has its core trigger in working environments. We spend half of our awake time at work, interacting with people whom we did not choose and need to deliver success […]

Why don’t we talk about mental health in our teams & how to start

4 min read Talking about mental health is rarely an easy task. Only recently and only in some circles the talk about our emotional struggles is starting to become wider and more acceptable. Still, there are plenty of teams in which talking about mental health & feeling down are conversations that you just don’t start. I want to […]

Why companies shouldn’t invest in mental health

4 min read In a society that has seen one of the biggest and longest health crises in decades, mental health awareness has risen at almost the same pace as the increase in mental health problems.    We are still trying to adapt to a crisis I feel that 2021 was a worse year for mental health than […]