Companies succeed with employees that thrive.

Acertivo is the Mental Fitness Gym for wellbeing in the workplace and beyond. We are enabling people to strenghten the emotional skills fundamental to a productive and fullfiling life. 

When people feel bad,
their work is bad.

Emotional health problems can take forms as light as procrastination and frustration or as serious as burnout and depression. We call emotional distress the leading cause of underperformance in companies today. And for some serious reasons.

Emotional distress is:

39% of employees say that emotional distress is the number one cause of their lack of productivity.

81% of lost productivity is due to presenteeism (coming to work but being unable to perform).

Only 13% of employees who experienced poor mental health raised this with their line manager.

Emotional distress can arise at an individual level, but it can spread at a collective level.

It's amazing how easy it is to change things.

Acertivo is a mobile platform that leverages decades long of psychological research. We blend Cognitive Behavioural Therapy,  Evidence Based Coaching and Active Learning methodologies in order to equip employees with the emotional skills that are the bedrock of success in the 21st century.

We’re doing it not only because it makes sense on an individual level, but because it also makes a tremendous financial sense. 

Our building blocks

Our program is designed using the most efficient evidence based practices to create a scientifically proven active learning tool specifically designed for workplace problems. The 12-week long program includes explanations and exercises from cognitive behavioural therapy, acceptance & commitment practice and includes regular follow up sessions and guidance from our specialits.

There can be no guessing the personal development so the content is developed with evidence approach theories and exercices, gathering best practices from psychotherapy & coaching.

Personal development happens anywhere so we offer a efficient way to manage work related emotional disorders aimed at all hierarchical levels, fully mobile and accessible. TBD

There is no one size fits all type of emotional care so we are here to make the experience as customizable as possible. Our specialists are ready to giude your team every step of the way. 

Acertivo supports C-Level officers in heralding the future.

Set the stage for success in the workplace.

As a business leader, you may feel a big responsibility not only towards shareholders, but also towards employees. The business environment is changing fast and the skills that fostered success in the past are different from the skills that will lead to success in the next decade.

Strengthen critical skills

The 4th Industrial Revolution requires new skills, that support interpersonal relationships and interactions with others.

Create a constructive culture

Foster norms that support people to develop themselves and lead to organisational effectiveness and sustainability.

Unleash productivity

Gain a competitive advantage through the intrinsic motivation of a workforce enabled to reach its full potential.

Acertivo enables HR Managers to fulfil their role as change agents.

Take employee assistance to the next level.

As an HR professional you know that a company’s most valuable assets are its people. With the rapidly changing nature of the workplace and of work itself, employees face unprecedented challenges in keeping the pace and adapting to the new environment.

Keep performers performing

Your top performers are the driving force of your organization but are most likely to experience episodes of burnout.

Increase employee engagement

Drive motivation from within and work with happier, better balanced employees, both at work and in their personal lives.

Decrease turnover costs

With costs of replacement as high as 150% of annual pay, turnover impacts finance, but also disrupts team dynamics.

Acertivo helps Mid-Level Managers steer smooth teams.

Focus on the work, not on the people.

As a Team Leader, you know that the success of each project is based on each member’s performance. But with different personalities across the team, it can prove difficult to harmonize diverse work styles and value sets while keeping your eye on the project’s mission.

Increase autonomy

Eliminate the fear of mistake and criticism and ditch the carrot & stick approach for one based on increased job ownership.

Decrease friction

Conflict is most often driven not by the work, but by diverging work styles. Keep it on tabs before it becomes a gripping factor.

Tackle difficult conversations

No need for water dispenser gossip when each member of your team feels like it can openly and rationally voice concerns.