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Emotional health is something we all have, just like physical health. And just like physical health, emotional health can sit anywhere on a scale from good to bad.

It’s a commonly accepted fact that adults spend roughly one-third of their lives at work. That’s a significant amount of time, within which we are likely to experience a spectrum of physical and mental health.

This is why we created Acertivo – the only platform to address emotional health in the workplace.

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Sickness absence

Emotional health is one of the greatest causes of sickness absence in the UK. While the overall rate of sickness absence has fallen by 15%-20% since 2009, absence due to mental health reasons in this period has actually risen by around 5%17.


Presenteeism is defined as showing up to work when one is ill, resulting in a loss of productivity and sometimes making an individual’s condition worse. Whilst the percentage of days off due to any type of illness is around 25% lower than a decade ago, various studies suggest that presenteeism is increasing year on year.

Limiting progression

Across all businesses, there are still few managers, directors and senior officials declaring a long term mental health condition. Employees tend to perceive that having a mental health condition could hamper their progression: 35% of people think they would be less likely to get promoted if they had depression19, resulting in a loss of diversity and skills throughout organizations.

Impact on employee turnover

An employee may leave their employer if they feel unable to continue at that organization due to poor mental health or the impact of work on mental wellbeing. There will be costs to the employer of finding a new employee and making them fully effective.

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  • Step 1 We get to know your employees and find out what are they dealing with through a short anonymous assessment
  • Step 2 We send an e-mail with the login and instructions to download the Acertivo app from the app store.
  • Step 3 The user gets a recommendation on the track that we believe will help them most.
  • Step 4 The program starts. The user is connected to an anonymous peer support group and has the possibility to choose a specialist who can assist him in his daily program.
  • Step 5 The program is ongoing. The user can give feedback and get recommendations to switch tracks according to his/ her needs and the recommendation from the specialist.
  • Step 6 Outcome report. The user and the specialist develop a report with further recommendations.

Our program is designed using the most efficient evidence-based practices to create a scientifically proven active learning tool specifically designed for workplace problems. The 12-week long program includes explanations and exercises from cognitive behavioral therapy, acceptance & commitment practice and includes regular follow up sessions and guidance from our specialists.

Evidence-based approach

There can be no guessing the personal development so the content is developed with evidence approach theories and exercises, gathering best practices from psychotherapy & coaching.

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Mobile & micro-interactions

Personal development happens anywhere so we offer an efficient way to manage work-related emotional disorders aimed at all hierarchical levels, fully mobile and accessible.

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Certified specialists

There is no one size fits all type of emotional care so we are here to make the experience as customizable as possible. Our specialists are ready to guide your team every step of the way.

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