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Taking a new perspective

Mental Health is just like Physical Health

Not only that we all have it, but, for anyone, mental health can be in a better or worse shape at any given time. Regardless if you’re currently in a good or not-so-good emotional state, you can improve it. You can build mental fitness just like you build muscles in a gym.

a new perspective

Mindset Fitness makes the difference.

Life can be happy. Life can be hard. Life can be joy. Life can be doubt. Mindset Fitness is what helps you enjoy the good moments to the fullest and manage through the bad ones.

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Take care of your mind in the way that works for you.

We are the result of all our experiences, belief systems, and coping mechanisms, be them good or not so good. We are all unique individuals and so is our mental health. With Acertivo you can find the mix that works best for your style and your objectives. 

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Evidence based

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Licensed specialists

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Guided tracks

Build Mindest Fitness your own way.

With Guided Tracks™, you work on what is most important to you now, be it reducing your anxiety level, increasing your resilience or managing a difficult relationship. You build emotional skills with every step you take, through deep-dive explanations and guided exercises. 

1on1 assistance

Your co-pilot is at a click distance.

Mental Health can be difficult to navigate on your own. That’s why licensed specialists assist you on your journey and support you in building Mindset Fitness the easy way. Your co-pilots provide feedback to your exercises and customize the steps to take, according to your needs.

skills framework

Track progress every step of the way.

There is a clear path towards an improved mental health. And with Acertivo, you always know where you stand. Your emotional skills profile makes it easy to see not only your strengths, but also areas that need work. Every action you take in Acertivo counts towards improving your profile.

Individual sessions

Get support when you need it most.

When things become overwhelming, you just want to get your life back. Our network of licensed psychotherapists is here to provide you with the fastest support, through on-demand Individual Sessions, weekly Group Meetups or same-day responses in the public forum.

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How do you score on Mindset Fitness?

Just like Physical Fitness, Mindset Fitness can be measured. Our assessment is built on evidence based studies and decades long of research in the field of psychology. Find out how you stand today and what areas you could improve.

When you build Mindset Fitness, you get better at:


Discovering the beliefs that shape your actions.

Your values, attitude towards life and unique beliefs are the triggers to your everyday thoughts, emotions and actions. Most of the time, we don’t even realize what makes us act the way we act. 


Increasing your resilience and ability to face adversity

We can’t escape fear, frustration or anger in our life. But we can train the skills to manage them and build the flexibility to deal with change, regardless if it comes from our professional or personal life.


Establishing a real connection with people around you.

Healthy relationships are the bedrock of our life. They drive up or down our anxiety level. At work, at home or everywhere else, building empathy and acceptance is what drives meaningful relationships.


Speaking your mind, getting heard and holding your ground.

Assertiveness is the number one skill that can help you express yourself effectively and confidently and stand up for your point of view, while also respecting the rights and beliefs of others.

Taking a new perspective

Mindset Fitness is backed by science

Psychology has come a long way from Freud’s couch. Far from being an esoteric black box, mental health is being improved now through countless academic & scientific research. Acertivo is built upon evidence-based protocols from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, the most efficient approach in dealing with anxiety, depression, fobias or panic attacks.

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