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Acertivo is an Integrated Mental Health platform with self-paced journeys and licensed therapists support, designed for thriving workplaces.

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When people feel bad, their work is bad.

Emotional health problems can take forms as light as procrastination and frustration or as serious as burnout and depression. We call emotional distress the leading cause of underperformance in companies today. And for some serious reasons.

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39% of employees name emotional distress the no.1 cause of diminished productivity.

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81% of lost productivity is due to presenteeism (coming to work but being unable to perform).

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13% of employees whith poor mental health raised this with their line manager.

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Emotional distress arises at an individual level, but it can spread at a collective level.

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Individual assistance for each employee.

Licensed mental health specialists support users every step of the way, by providing feedback to exercises, customizing the journey and deep-diving with 1on1 sessions.

Mental health for today’s workforce

Digital tools for everyday wellbeing.

Mental health doesn’t have to be restricted to a therapist’s office. It can be condensed, structured, on-demand and on-the-go.  Explore our features:

From instant power-ups to in-depth tracks of over 3 months, users chose the tools that can improve mental health on their own terms, on their own availability and on their preferred screen.

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Guided Tracks

With self-paced Guided Tracks employees can gain new emotional and cognitive skills, assisted by certified emotional health specialists. It’s like seeing a therapist, without having to actually see one. 

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Public Gym

Sometimes people just want to get an answer to a pressing question. In the Public gym users can ask anonymous questions regarding any emotional issue and get answers both from specialists and colleagues facing similar issues.

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Tracking & Assesments

Scientifically validated measurement scales that show highlights of users personality and behaviours from different points of view.

Self-discovery and progress measurement with Mindset Fitness trackers

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On-demand sessions

Scientifically validated measurement scales that show highlights of users personality and behaviors from different points of view.

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Open Meetups

Meetups are designed to be a weekly habit that keeps the topic of Mindset Fitness fresh. Hosted online by specialists, they are a perfect opportunity for employees to discover new topics and actively participate in the discussion, by sharing their questions and point of view. 

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Weekly Digest

People who are just starting out, or don’t have the time to go through a Guided Track, can opt-in for a drip-content distribution via email of hand picked fundamental concepts and exercises. 

Guided tracks

Turnkey solution for your mental health program.

Awareness, prevention and intervention in a single integrated platform. Easy employee onboarding and activation with almost no effort on your side.

1on1 assistance

Evidence based emotional support protocols.

Tools and intervention protocols validated by science to have a real impact in people’s life, with success rates as high as 80% in managing anxiety or depression.

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Are you a top-performer?

Find out where your company stands, with our organizational assessment tool. It takes you only 5 minutes to setup the survey and gain a comprehensive outlook on where your team is.

Taking a new perspective

Mindset Fitness is backed by science

Psychology has come a long way from Freud’s couch. Far from being an esoteric black box, mental health is being improved now through countless academic & scientific research. Acertivo is built upon evidence-based protocols from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, the most efficient approach in dealing with anxiety, depression, fobias or panic attacks.

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Build your Mental Health support program.

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It is easy to launch Acertivo in your organization. You can be live in less than 5 minutes, with absolutely no upfront or recurring costs. When we say Mental Health should be accessible to everyone, we really mean it.